Smart lighting

Want complete wireless supremacy over the lights in your room? With just a few taps, you can control your Overun wall switches from your smartphone or tablet. Inspired delivers a wall switch hub with controlled android app that lets you control room switches and the intensity of the lights.

Steps :

  1. Order the switch from us (Just email your requirement or call us).
  2. Wire them according to the instructions given (Wiring instructions).
  3. Download the app from our website (Download link).
  4. Define the number of switches you have on the app settings and that’s it.

Product Highlights

Remotely turn On/Off device and change light bulb intensity.
2.4 GHz Wi-Fi Connectivity.
Replaces traditional light switch or use as a parallel switch.
Customisable switch names.
Remote Control via Android App.

Android App

With Overrun (Version 1) home automation solution you can now control the lights bulbs or any other appliance switching in your room/home from the distance. Once hardware is connected, download Overrun mobile app from our website to customise it’s settings to get control over your designated switches. The app is easily customisable to maximum of six switches in your room. See Android app click here.

Advantages: Overun.V1

Control your lights remotely using the free Overun app for Android devices.
Can define number of switches that you need service.
Ability to customise to control any general home appliance.

Remote Control

Sometimes the couch is just too comfy and that wall switch is just too far away. Grab your smartphone and brighten and dim your switch to your heart’s content.

On/Off or Dimming

Whether you need the raw switching power or the gentle dimming grace of our traditional Dimmer Switch. Please check whether your light bulb supports dimming.


No wall switch is more customisable (will  be available with next versions).


Turn off power to your switch at the electrical service panel or from the main circuit breaker.

Remove the old switch and disconnect the wires. Or use separate parallelly connected wires from each switch and connect to designated connectors of the new Overun Wall Switch.

Turn on power at the circuit breaker and use a voltage detector or multi-meter to identify line and load. Line will be energized.

Verify that the wire nuts are secure and that no exposed copper wire is visible except for the bare ground wire.

Mount the Wall Switch into the junction box or fix it separately and turn power on to the switch at the circuit breaker panel.

Download Overun mobile app from our website please send your email address. We will send you the link to download and once you have downloaded, connect to Bluetooth over the app. Test your new switching system by tapping the App switches to turn On and Off.