Android Apps

Android apps for specific business needs can get the advantages from our offers. Our recent Android apps development for an aquarium business in Indonesia and for IOT home Automation mobile app have received successful feedback from the clients. The development is similar to website development:

  1. Discussing your needs – We understand your business and we’ll help you to understand the options available.
  2. Design Brief – You’ll submit your design brief via a simple online form.
  3. Initial draft – We’ll send your initial draft within 5-10 working days.
  4. Tweaks and Revisions – You’ll request changes and send over your final content.
  5. Quality Assurance Testing – Final round of testing both by us and by your end-users.
  6. App Launch -We’ll get your site onto AppStore and let Google know you exist.
  7. Training – If required, we are happy to offer full training options on request.
  8. Support – We’ll provide lifetime comprehensive support for your new software for a reasonable fee. Even if you don’t need ongoing support, we’re happy to provide a 3 months break-fix warranty.


Android App for Aquarium Business

This app enables ornamental fish shops to offer value added services f’or their loyal customers

Android App for Home Automation.

This app enables the home circuitry access via Bluetooth signal to on/off switches remotely through Android Device.