PowerPoint Training

Learn how to design and deliver compelling, professional presentations with PowerPoint training courses.

PowerPoint Training

Microsoft PowerPoint is powerful software that allows you to create captivating slide presentations that can easily be shared on the web. If you want to present any information creatively and professionally, Microsoft PowerPoint is the perfect tool.

INspired has courses to help you learn how to use Microsoft PowerPoint and start creating memorable PowerPoint presentations.

PowerPoint classes cover a variety of topics, including:

  • New PowerPoint features
  • How to create engaging multimedia presentations with PowerPoint
  • Formatting and organizing PowerPoint slides
  • Working with graphics, tables and charts
  • Adding multimedia and SmartArt presentations
  • Integrating with Microsoft Office files

About PowerPoint

PowerPoint is the leading tool for creating professional, visually engaging presentations.

Use PowerPoint designer to communicate your stories or ideas in a compelling way. Regardless of your design or technical capabilities, PowerPoint empowers you to captivate and persuade audiences with beautiful built-in themes, animation features and a professional presentation mode.

Mastering PowerPoint is a useful skill for all business professionals.

Excel Training

Get hands-on Excel training from INspired Computer Learning Centers to complete your job faster or stand out among candidates.

Excel Training from INspired

Microsoft Excel is the most commonly used spreadsheet application. Learning how to use Excel is an investment in both your personal and professional life. Excel makes it easy to monitor financial performance, such as business profit or loss, calculate payments on large purchases, plan a budget, or stay organised with checklists.

Because most businesses use Excel, learning how to use the application efficiently opens up more opportunities for employment and career advancement.

When employees know how to use Excel, it improves their efficiency in the workplace. Employees who know how to create detailed worksheets, invoices, charts, and complex formulas achieve professional results in a fraction of the time.

Comprehensive Excel training from INspired includes basic to advanced courses. Whether you’re brand-new to Excel or seeking advanced knowledge, we’ve got you covered.

Master basic or advanced skills like:

  • Formulas
  • Charts
  • Pivot tables
  • Conditional formatting
  • Data analysis

Word Training

Learn how to create, edit, proof and format documents in Microsoft Word. Get hands-on Microsoft Word training to accelerate your skills with this industry-standard application.

Microsoft Word Training at INspired

Microsoft Word is a critical productivity tool for both business and personal use. Create and edit professional documents that can easily be shared on the web.

INpired Computer Learning has courses to help you learn how to use Microsoft Word and accelerate your skills in document creation and word processing.

Microsoft Word classes cover a variety of topics, including:

  • New Microsoft Word features
  • How to create, edit, save and collaborate on documents
  • Formatting texts and paragraphs
  • Working with tables, columns and other formatting features
  • Creating graphics, WordArt, charts and text flow
  • Developing Microsoft Word document templates

About Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is the leading word processing and document creation tool for both personal and business use.

Use Microsoft Word to improve and enhance written materials and build compelling documents with confidence. Microsoft Word’s technology enables you and your business to:

  • Produce, edit and format professional documents
  • Create tables, charts and graphics to organize content and assess data
  • Design templates to automate document formatting and creation to improve efficiency

Discover INspired Microsoft Word training courses happening now.

Ms Office Training

Microsoft Office is a set of desktop applications that offer flexible and powerful ways to organise, manage, and present information. Universally used in office settings, knowledge of Microsoft Office tools are a must for anyone in today’s job market.

Microsoft Office Training at INspired

Microsoft Office products help improve work efficiency with user friendly features that enable easy and secure information sharing. Microsoft Office products provide resources for professional presentation of data that is compatible with most operating systems.

Whether you are looking to expand your Microsoft Office skills for personal use, INspired has the Microsoft Office training that you are looking for.

INspired designs its Microsoft Office classes to get the student engaged in real life situations, so that you or your team can take the skills learned and apply them to everyday scenarios.

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First Go Online Web Offer

If you are a first time customer looking forward to have a website for your small business and have no capacity to spend money on a website development, we will help you to take the first step online. Our First Go Online package offers you required knowledge and an unique basic website Free of Change.

What you receive in summary?

  • Free of charge Website (Home , Services/Products, About Us, Contact Us pages ) that has capability to update content. We only require contents from you.
  • Hosting and Domain Name arranged at low cost on INspired Hosting space.
  • Free technical knowledge you require.
  • Assistance in further technical upgrades.
  • Assistance on renewals.

We have over 20 customers to-date benefit from First Go Online offer extensively. Please register with us filling the following form. We will get back to you at our earliest. Or call us on (+94) (0)71 212 2433

Customers who would like to go beyond the basic website implementation also can benefit with the various options we provide for a budgeted rate to upgrade their websites to the next level (Please visit “GrowGoOnline” for more information).

Grow Go Online Web Offer

If you feel it’s the time your website go beyond the basics we can help you to attract customers with Grow Go Online package options. This includes building Re-Engineered and Search Engine Optimised websites to fulfill online marketing needs. We believe at this stage you have a considerable knowledge about website and online marketing.

What you receive in summary?

  • Having analysed the website requirement we will re-engineer or develop a complete search engine optimised website from the beginning.
  • We will find you cost effective capable Hosting and Domain name providers depending on the requirement.
  • Register your website with Google, Yahoo and Bing search engines.
  • Provide all administration credentials and the ownership of the complete site once completed.
  • Offer technical knowledge and further training on “How to Use” the website budgeted fee. (Price will vary depending on the scope and effort) .

We are happy to receive positive feedback from all the customers who have benefited from this package. Customers who would like to have advance options of Search Engine Optimisation, Online Marketing and any other service options that we offer can also benefit from our “Matured Go Online” service.

Matured Go Online Offer

If you feel it’s the time your website go beyond the set limits we’re here to help you to take the business to the next level. This includes our extra options such as Website Re-Engineering, Search Engine Optimisation and advanced Online Marketing. Matured Go Online approach will help you to triple the conversion rate even from overseas. INspired believes at this stage you’re through about websites and what you really wish to do online.

What you get in summary?

  • Website re-engineer – Complete website re-engineer to check for any issues even in content writing .
  • Advice will be provided to choose different Hosting Provider capabilities and Domain name issues to simply understand advantages and disadvantages.
  • Provide knowledge on business analytics, how to improve customer visits online and avenues of your products or services sales.
  • Technical upgrade support such as new software developments or mobile apps. (Price will vary depending on the scope and effort) .

We invite customers benefit from Matured Go Online offer. In the meantime customers who would like to have any other service that we offer can also benefit with the various options for reasonable rate (Please see our services).